Globe wimax vip mac 2013

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★ ★ ★ globe wimax complete tutorial ( [email protected], tweaking etc etc... ) [updated]★ ★ ★

Joined Aug 22, Messages 3, WiMax MAC. BM22i firmware. Shell" cloner. Sleep cloner. SendKeys"telnet SendKeys"wimax" cloner.

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SendKeys"setallmacaddr SendKeys"restoredef " cloner. Sleep SendKeys"Firefly" cloner. There you will see the 7 frequencies. Delete other frequencies except frequency and Click apply. There you go.! That makes your Public VIP mac stable. As you browse the internet, you will be connected to frequency as default. The process is called load balancing. So enjoy.! Hope you learned something today.! Subscribe Get updates and latest articles delivered to your email inbox. Anonymous 18 October at Anonymous 7 February at Laguna South AC Laguna South ACE Liloan 04C06F60F3C4.

Tutorial on how to Make Public VIP Mac Address stable | Y.F.S

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    Globe Wimax VIP mac

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