Martin mac 250 krypton user manual

Replace the top cover before applying power. B A Prism Figure 4: Filter The standard 3-facet prism can be replaced with optional five- and nine-facet prisms.

Using a flathead screwdriver, remove the two retaining plates only one - at position A - is illustrated here holding the prism module in place. Disconnect the cables at positions marked B from the PCBs on the prism module.

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The power supply settings do not match local AC voltage and frequency. Lamp missing or blown No light and error message displayed. Lamp cuts out intermittently. Fixture is too hot. Table 8: If your AC power supply is different, the fixture must be configured for the local voltage and frequency. Always use the settings that are closest to your AC supply.

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Power supply settings 1 Disconnect the fixture from power. Lift off the cover. It can be fastened directly to a suitable surface, hung with a rigging clamp, or placed directly on a level surface.

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For independent control, each fixture must be assigned its own address and non-overlapping control channels. For service use only. Control Panel Gobos can be indexed positioned at a defined angle , rotated continuously, or rotated and shaken bounced. The gobo The speed control channels are: Optical configuration Push the gobo out from the back and remove.

Martin MAC 250 Krypton User Manual

Secure the gobo with the retention spring. The top and bottom cover look the same, but the top cover is found by checking if the text on the back of the head is oriented correctly top or not bottom as illustrated here.

Position Color Intense heat. The top and bottom cover look the same, but the top cover is found by checking if the text on the back of the head is oriented correctly top or not bottom. Remove the top cover of the fixture head using a flathead screwdriver to loosen the four quarter-turn screws.

User manual MARTIN MAC 250 KRYPTON

Using a flat head screwdriver, remove the screws located at the positions marked A and lift the tabs. Lift the effect module out of the fixture. Installing any other lamp may damage the fixture. Mixing the water with a small amount of wetting agent such as Kodak Photoflo will help prevent streaking and spotting.


No other lubricant is approved for use. When applying lubricant, always remove excess and do not get oil on other parts. Magnetic Approved alternative lamp s: Optics Beam angle: Construction Color s: Black Housing: UV-resistant fiber-reinforced composite Reflector: Glass, cold light Protection rating: Gobos Outside diameter: High-temperature Borofloat or better with dichroic or enhanced aluminum coating Recommended metal: Aluminum steel for temporary use only.

Installation Mounting points: Connections AC power input: Electrical AC power: User-reconfigurable voltage and frequency settings Main fuse: Typical Power and Current V, 50 Hz: