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These are made to run continuously and most of all be stable. The PC's they are typically compared against are general purpose machines more suited to running games etc. Forget stability and error correction. Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop run best on fewer cores and higher clock speeds. The rest is gravy GPU for renders and fast storage subsystem. FCPx will leverage Apple platforms much better.

Mac vs PC: Which One Is Better for Photo Editing?

The whole argument that Apple is designed around "workstation grade components" comes crashing down when so many pro users have purchased the "gamer grade components" in the 5K iMac, and use those machines as workstations. Those users leave their machines on around the clock with little no issues. They're a good bit less expensive than the Mac Pro.

They also perform a good bit better than any Mac Pro in most photography tasks. So now we get to the PC. While many components have gaming in mind, they do amp them up for durability and stability. The only thing I moderately miss is the "columns" view. Beyond that, there's nothing I can't do quickly and efficiently in Windows Sorry, I don't understand your point and the context to which you present it in reply to my post above?

Hey Lee, I watched your PC building video, as it inspired me to build mine. Great video. I probably watched it a good times, along with other "build your own PC" videos from the rest of Youtuber techies. A lot has changed since your build video, and it's nuts what you can build these days with the Skylake-X CPUs. All this while still killing it in multicore performance - even over this new iMac Pro.

Check out Max's tests with the 8-core iMac Pro vs.

Best Computer for Adobe Creative Cloud

Even the extra two cores, then overclocking to 5GHz brings it up there in most tasks. Tops it in others. I'm pretty sure my build can perform equally as well as the iMac Pro in all of, if not most of these tasks, and that's with the Radeon RX video card. Disk speed for actually writing the render to disk is a factor, and the iMac Pro has ridiculously fast internal SSD. Memory throughput plays a role as well. The writes speed of the iMac Pro is impressive, but you can't be disappointed with the either of the Samsung NVMe drives. Have to think Samsung has a new NVMe flash drive coming out in , since that's who Apple seems to use quite a bit for their storage.

This tells us almost nothing. Testing an 8 core iMac Pro with 64gb ram against a laptop, an ancient system that seems on par with a laptop and a fairly low spec PC I think the point is, is the new iMac pro worth upgrading to if you own one of those other systems. Not really, the title says it. They really need to test equivalent gear to be able to say that YUP they are but like when you get a severe soar throat and realize how much you use your throat you soon realize its way more than in the appp time its so much other management of files you really do in a day.

I'm interested in trying a Hackintosh with my build as well -- but it looks like such a pain in the ass, and I'm entirely happy with my Windows 10 experience right now. But I'll get that figured out. You can get the same, similar or better results for less money. An core CPU won't benefit photoshop users, it will actually hinder them, so there's no point going that high. Home Gear. Posted In: June 3, June 5, November 4, Log in or register to post comments. Paolo Bugnone - January 22, First of all: That's how I came to my comment Paolo Bugnone craig john - January 27, That was my point. Leigh Miller - January 22, Are we out of ideas for articles on here: Lee Morris - January 22, Can someone explain how the iMac Pro is able to render these videos faster than a PC with presumably a faster graphics card?

The CPU is also inferior for productivity. The issue then becomes what applications take advantage of these two disparate hardware systems? So what then are you paying for with the Apple tax Leigh Miller craig john - January 26, Sorry, I don't understand your point and the context to which you present it in reply to my post above?

Lee Morris Ted Lee - January 24, iMac pro has sort sort of proprietary ssd that is faster than an m. Jason Levine - January 23, This tells us almost nothing. Chad Andreo Jason Levine - January 23, I think the point is, is the new iMac pro worth upgrading to if you own one of those other systems.

Any computer, whether a Mac or PC, will need three key components: If you are looking to use a laptop computer for Creative Cloud use, these requirements eliminate most low-cost notebooks or laptops. Higher-end laptops, such as the Microsoft Surface Book 2 or MacBook Pro generally are well equipped in all three areas. If you will be working on photo editing, video editing, or animation, the base configuration for these computers will not be sufficient, and you will want to get a computer with additional RAM memory and the more advanced video card, sometimes labeled as a discrete GPU.

If you are buying a desktop computer, the higher-end iMac or advanced systems often sold for gaming by companies such as Dell also include these necessary items. With the most advanced iMacs, the discrete GPU may no longer be needed for most general Creative Cloud tasks as Apple is using the more powerful graphics processor from Intel. The exception to this is for video editing and special effects with the Creative Cloud apps of Premiere Pro and After Effects, where a computer with a dedicated GPU is helpful. There is one hands-down winner for the most innovative computer for running Adobe Creative Cloud: The Surface Studio is an all-in-one computer, available with a dedicated graphics processor and also a inch display that supports both touch and pen input.

This functionality makes it a great computer for Creative Cloud users.


The Surface Book 2 is not to be confused with the Microsoft Surface Pro, which has a slower processor and no graphics card. Although Microsoft is a relative newcomer in the computer hardware business, they have produced systems that are part computer, part tablet, and perfect for creative professionals. Previously users that wanted to work with a digital pen needed to attach a separate device to their computer, or buy a highly specialized display.

Now the Surface Book and Surface Pro include support for drawing with a stylus in tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator. They also provides touch screen support in the Creative Cloud apps, for tasks such as panning and zooming. When not using the digital pen and touch screen, the Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro run the Adobe Creative Cloud just like any other computer, which you can control with the touch-pad or mouse.

Yet these systems provide the option of using both the touch screen or the pen. The inch model of the Surface Book 2 is the best notebook computer for Creative Cloud, as it includes a fast processor, a dedicated GPU, a substanital amount of RAM memory and as an added bonus, also uses a solid state hard drive for storage, which is faster than traditional hard drive storage. Adobe has helped make this possible by expanding the touch and pen controls in Windows 10, but it has been Microsoft who has taken advantage of this opportunity to produce a powerful notebook for creative professionals such as those using the Creative Cloud.

As graphics capabilties, memory RAM and processor speed are important, these need to be the critical factors to evaluate when buying a computer to use for Creative Cloud use. Laptop computers have made considerable advances in recent years.

This means that both laptop and desktop computers are suitable for Creative Cloud use. If portability is important, than a well-equipped laptop will run the Creative Cloud successfully. We do find screen size to be important, and suggest considering an external monitor display to use when working on page layouts or video editing projects.

If portability is not critical, we are big fans of both the Apple iMac and also Microsoft Surface Studio 2.

Best Computer for Adobe Creative Cloud

Both provide high quality displays, great aesthetics, and well equipped processors, memory, and graphics. The Surface Studio 2 has the added benefit of touch and pen input. The natural interface makes an easy transition to the Surface Studio for users who spend many hours working on phones and tablets each day. The Surface Studio 2 specifications are more than sufficient for the most demanding Creative Cloud projects. Overall there are many good choices for computers for Creative Cloud use from a number of manufacturers, and we find the Surface products to be worth a look, even if you are a Mac user.

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