Mac contacts delete smart group

There are several ways to go at it. You can manually create groups of contacts or let Mac macOS do the heavy lifting for you by quickly creating smart groups. Step 2: This will bring up a sidebar in the Contacts app.

How to manage contact groups on Mac

Step 4: A new untitled group will then be created. Double click on the untitled group and rename it something more descriptive. Step 5: To populate your newly create group, click on All Contacts , then find a contact you want to add to your group.

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Simply click on, then drag and drop the contact in the group to add him to it. Repeat this process with every contact you want to add to specific groups. Pro tip: You can add several contacts at a time to an existing group by holding the Command key of your keyboard while selecting multiple contacts with your mouse. Once you have selected several contacts, just drag them to the group you want to.

Create Smart Groups in Contacts on Mac

As an alternative to the method described above, you can quickly create a group by individually selecting several contacts at a time and add them all to a newly created group. Hold the Command key of your keyboard while selecting several contacts with your mouse. The selected contacts will be highlighted in blue. This will automatically add your selected contacts to a new group. Step 6: For example, you can tell your Mac to create a group and include all contacts who work for XYZ company. Assuming you have this data in your contact cards, your Mac will be able to intelligently group these people together.

In the following example, I will create a contact group of iDownloadBlog staffers based on their email address. Name your smart group whatever you see fit. Lost your password? Powered by the Parse.

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  • More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. Today I decided to make a strange Smart Group in Address Book which resulted in an infinite loop and a crash of the application. The Smart Group's conditions were: Of course, when I later decided to open Address Book again, it tried to fulfill the Smart Group and crashed again.

    I managed to solve the problem with the following steps: Obviously I had Address Book closed, but just to be explicit, close it if it's somehow running.

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    • Make a backup first, just in case. To find the right file to delete, so I wouldn't lose all my Smart Groups, I sorted the files by date and erased the last-edited file that ended in " Relaunch Address Book. It will create the AddressBook-v22 file automatically, using the information in the Metadata directory.

      I didn't lose any contacts or related information, and Address Book is now working as expected.


      I can confirm that you can, indeed, kill Address Book with this Smart Group, and that the fix described here works. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

      Mac Address Book OS version 10.6 Part 8 Making a smart group

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