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Is there a workaround? Is there any hope of getting a Windows 10 driver for this monitor? Thank you -. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Jesse, Thanks for your response. Here is what I have done: Display Adaptor: Dell EH driver Then installed, all in compatibility mode for Windows 7. All shown as "fixed". So ultimate, no luck. After applying the script, the monitor was fixed, and when I switched between desktop and mac, the monitor never had any snow again.

Then about 30 minutes later, the snow returned. Any suggestions? This has been driving me insane because I put so much into getting the setup that should have theoretically worked. Sun Jan 19 Any suggestions to help me out? I had the connector for mini display port to HDMI. The mistake was that I transferred the folder; you should only transfer the file. When I did this, everything loaded and now works great. I have a wonderful high-res picture now on my Samsung! Good to know. Cool that you found the right way. I made exact the same error the fist time….

What do I do? Second display looks much better! I will report if there are any further issues! Again awesome: Wanted to add my success story and thanks for this thread as well. So far, everything is working as expected. Again, many thanks. I saw one on my first few attempts and stopped to think about what it was telling me. I concluded that I had moved the folder containing the Ruby script file, but needed to move only the script file itself so that it could be found and run.

That took care of all my problems and I have a beautiful external display now!

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Good luck in your troubleshooting…. Pam I followed the procedure explicitly, with no errors, and the problem presists… all the colors are fine, the problem is the font rendering. Worked for me on 15 inch late Macbook pro Folder got cleared from overrides when I rebooted. I tried this trick with my Asus VXH and a late retina 15 but the text is still blurry especially on the menu bar. Finally works fine with appropriate settings and a mini displayport to hdmi adapter. Anyway, thanks to the author for the trick. Has anyone seen issues after patching with their display intermittently going black for a few seconds, then returning to normal?

I have the Dell SL and experience the same problem. The problem is the driver for Intel HD graphics. Mine used to go black for a few seconds until I switched to VGA. The same problem occurs in Linux. I hope they will release a driver update to solve the problem. Do you have some links to those discussions? With so many others able to find it instantly, can anyone give me any pointers?

Is it perhaps hidden? Do I need to create a new folder with this name? Hoping that this will eliminate the subject issue, if it occurs. I did all steps. But not working. Please help. Thank you for tutorial. This is absolutely amazing fix. I was thinking I got a faulty monitor or something similar. This made my week. Retina, inch, Late On a HP monitor. I had to boot into an Ubuntu installer USB stick to undo the change, and then it could boot again. Mathew, Andrew and Tom thank you very much!! My setup is a bit different than with the rest of you, but the solution also works for me.

That resulted in very distorted text display as with the rest of you. A few insights on the problems I encountered while fixing the problem hopefully this will help people with the same monitor on a Mac:. No problem there though.

hdmi - Mac book Pro to Dell EH monitor issue - Ask Different

Remember you have to place the resulting folder in your root: BUT I had to fine tune my monitor on the monitor itself to have normal text quality. I bought an hex-editor that was able to open and edit the file. It resulted in a byte bigger file that seemed to have added a unicode-8 flag. Now I was able to edit it with text-editor.

And I could remove the??? With me the patch seemed to work without it too. But at least it looks nicer without the??? Thanks again!! It prevented me from returning the monitor as useless for my iMac. This is awesome!!! Or maybe just crooked trying to get people to buy their monitors. I was really unhappy how my monitors looked as on Windows they looked great. Holy shit, it worked.

It is not necessary as it only highlights your lack of class and actually offends the sensibilities of many. Thx all of you! I used Mr Schwarz script. At first after reboot nothing happend. I just bought a mac mini and a HP 27 inch monitor. Tia, probably not, but just to be sure: Should be in the first: My thanks to everyone.

Tried everything. Can someone walk me through the above configuration but on an iMac? The folder gets created and I move in the override folder.. Bernard, 1. Hopefully this helps…. Dit you take a look at this Tom has a Philips monitor too: I finally got the script to run on my iMac and force the Asus ProArt to be non-TV I called Apple Support, they helped me with the script, told me where to place it and run it.

What he recommended for Bernard got me thinking went into the settings looking for the OSD menu, instead found the Splendid menu switch the display to Adobe RGB Mode instead of Standard Mode and the text issue went away, Also tried the sRGB it also worked well just the colors were a bit muted. Hopes this information helps others. Thanks so much for this. Just bought the HP Pavilion 23fi and turned it on to find the fuzziness.

Much thanks to the maker of the magic script of bacon saving: Any advice? I have solved this on my Windows computer by overriding it in the nVidia drivers so it should be possible on my Mac as well. Can anyone help me in the right direction please? Hi Nisei, if you open the generated configuration file in a text editor, does it look like regular XML or garbled? In case of the latter it could be because the internal name of your screen has invalid characters.

I tried this last year, the, however I suspect that the EDID info is incorrect and is ignored, nothing changed on boot. Its works on me. I have a little problem: Freaking that you. Then it had these gamma issues. I updated to Now, no problems. Man what a PITA!

I was going nuts trying to figure out the configuration on my own. Worked like a charm! Thank you. I have also some minor bugs with my screen — when MacBook Pro goes to sleep, external screen, display this message: Hope it works — am going to try it out on my new Dell monitor when it arrives I took my HP 23xi back as I thought the problem was with my monitor!! Is there some additional settings for the Lenovo. Nothing I do makes it work again: I have a dell uhm, the script worked with sending RGB signal, but the fonts still look blurry.

Any help??? Is there a way to fix this? Yeah thanx Apple, this is the user experience we know and love. Feels like patching Macs to use DVD-drives all over again. Thank you!! You saved my eyes from that horrendous shit that was on my screen before I applied this fix. You are awesome!

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After that, in order to fix any color issues press the Menu button from your remote and in the Picture Tab go down to Picture Options and change to these settings: I thought it was only a label, and not also a function setting! You sir, are awesome!! Thanks so much for posting that, and thanks to Mathew for generating this thread in the first place. Pleased to say this worked for me. My setup is a Mac Mini with two displays. When I first connected the HP, it was awful to work with. I made sure I disconnected the LG, followed the instructions and rebooted — worked like a charm.

Thanks for your help. Just wanted to say thanks for this! For me, the problem was simply faint red or pink dots that were only visible on white screens or objects. I could use the display correctly though. I just got the Viewsonic VPLED on a Woot deal and at first thought there was something wrong with my iMac, the mini displayport cable, or the monitor itself. I could tweak the monitor on a different User Mode, but that was sort of a setting workaround. This fix is more permanent and long-term. I just control clicked and chose download.

Thanks i reckon. Patch worked brilliantly. Had to switch to lower resolution and back again after restart. I have a MacBook Pro. Very grateful for this!!! Hey there, I applied this script using a dell uhm when using mini display port to display port adapter on a haswell retina macbook pro. The monitor gets the rgb signal but the fonts still look fuzzy. Sometimes I even see like some reddish or bluish shadow around some letters. When I zoom in and the font gets bigger, the shadows go away.

Could it be the monitor?? The monitor was fine under mavericks connected to my old macbook pro with dvi cable. I just ordered a viewsonic vp and im afraid to have the same result on such a quality monitor. Unfortunately you are not alone. I have a Dell HM and I have the same problem. Sometimes letters are okay, and sometimes not so much. I applied script, restarted, and no luck.

Checked the folder where patch-edid. I solved that, if you have problem like that unplug and plug in again the adapter. Phil T, same here. I have the same monitor as yours. Tried numerous font smoothing configurations and this fixed the RGB issue too, but fonts still look blurry.

Forgive me for being noob, but how can I only use the external monitor? When I close the lid, my macbook goes to sleep…. Thanks for the Hack, however I have a new problem that might be easy to fix. One is connected with the supplied mini display port to display port cable, and the other monitor is connected with an hdmi cable. I got the second monitor later and was using the fist one quite happily with your hack. When I connected the second monitor and selected the profile for the Dell UH that was made for my first monitor I got no results.

I then disconnected my first monitor and did the hack, I rebooted and my second monitor looked great! Only my first monitor looked bad again… So I disconnected the second monitor and ran the hack on the first monitor, I rebooted and my first monitor was fine, but my second monitor was bad again! I then ran the hack with both monitors turned on, I saw in the terminal window that the hack detects 2 monitors, i removed the old color profiles and put the new one in the display folder, in the folder there are 2 color profiles, but only one shows up in the settings window.. I now have one nice and one not so nice monitor and Im really bummed out: Oke here is an update, I could not get my second monitor to be less yellowish of warm if you will.

I contacted Amazon. Too bad that this monitor had the same problem. So I contacted Amazon. I can recommend the Samsung monitors to anyone. Now my Dell U looks a lot better over displayport on my macbook air running mavericks. Thanks a lot: Even after the override, all these options look horrible blurry ; feels similar to when I use Airplay do project images from the computer on my AppleTV and consequently to my FlatScreen TV.

Seems as if the issue is more connected to the resolution than with RGB color….

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Do you guys have any suggestions? Anyone have any idea how to fix this? My eyes hurt and im considering just getting rid of the monitor as its painful to read text on it. You really need a mini display port to DVI cable to get higher resolutions. Are you talking about this cable? Hi All, I tried the hack, and it did not work! Here is the output of the file in the overrides directory:.

Does this look OK? I still see blurry text, and when I use parallels, the letters are crystal clear. I have a similar problem, the fix just has no effect on the visuals, it does appear in the display seytings but like you the quality is still poor. I finally get my resolution thanks these files: Text for sure is noticeably out of focus. Is there something else I should try?

I cannot express my appreciation enough. Absolutely stoked! I was about to throw my monitor out the window after 3 months of blurry fonts. Settings in OSD are: Thanks very much. First of all, Thanks for sharing this. It really worked after 2 years of searching and struggling. You are guys just awesome. Secondly, I had to face a problem that was mentioned by some others in the comments but no clear cut solution has been provided. I guess. Just beeing added to the bunch of folders. What happened is: Colors were perfectly corrected. But, Resolution choices were narrowed to: B I backed up that folder present already to the desktop in case something happened.

Ibrahim, how did you know which DisplayVendorID folder to replace? When I did that, it stopped working and Color Sync Profile came up when I restarted to tell me it needed to be repaired. Doing this improved the refresh rate from 30hz to 60hz so that made a big difference. Do anyone know how to force YUV mode. Anyone else ever seen anything like this? My understanding was that the script should extract the existing profile and just override to force RGB. That is exactly what I had! Thanks so much for all involved in this solution.

Not to mention the hassle. Much appreciation all around. Great article. Solved my problem and turned an excellent my excellent Dell UH with a good price tag into a perfectly functioning MBPr companion! I used the original patch-edid. I applied the script i used the improved one which generates monitors name in the file and put it at the correct folder.

I rebooted and it is still fuzzy. It has to do with the I tried to go back to a So i restored tru a SuperDuper backup to my It has the Nvidia GeForce M inside. In near future the display will be connected with a Mac mini with the Intel HD inside. My question is: By now, I can give you following details. The script helped me solving the issue with my Mac mini and HP m monitor. Now works like a charm over the default HDMI output! Thank you in advance.

Got it…discovered it with more research after the post. I ordered a Mini DP adapter, maybe this will help. At least the Monitor is usable now. Damn, I still cannot locate it. I believe I left a comment here already, but I just want to say thank you, again. I would have gone insane without this fix. I can confirm it works in Mavericks Great monitor, by the way. How did it work? Did it move in yosemite? Has anyone gotten this fix to work with Everything in settings looks as it should after applying the fix, however the picture is still fussy after reboot.

HP Pavilion has the same issue with my mac book pro and Mavericks. The 23fi monitor shows up as Television, any chance someone with knowledge can help me out with a fix , thanks. Is there anything else I can try? But still fonts look awful. Less color fringing now but detail rendering is not good at all.

My selections are limited to p at best. I have tried the script here, but the monitor then distorts with lots of ghosting and the resolution remains at p. Using a min displayport to displayport cable. Worked great with late model Mac Mini. I also tried switching display port cables and no change. Ok, was trying more stuff.

The solution: Looks a bit soft at first sight, but fonts on Mac PS X Did you find a solution for your LG 34UM95? What cables are you using? Option to change sharpness is active — dialing it down by one just works fine. Hope that with Thunderbolt cable all your problems are solved. I probably have the most stupid question but, it 7 pages are too long to see if someone else asked same question. Question 2: I am still stuck at downloading this script, since I am new to OS X i really hardly understand how to use those scripts.

I see there is a zip file for one type of monitor but I am not sure what to do with textual script that is given and it should work for all monitors. Where to copy that text?

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If it is text editor, how to name it? Should I place it in folder and zip it and copy to home folder? I probably succeeded to instal this script, but I do not see changes. The picture is not even close to my retina display on MBP. I would appreciate any thoughts. I calibrate this monitor by a laptop and worked fine.

Do I need to worry about the color trough AJA? Is well calibrated? Should the monitor keep my last calibration? Is there any chance to calibrate through AJA? Any bad experience with HP Calibration solution? Thank you all. Hi there! Works fine for me on my new mac with benq 27 inch monitor. Hi Passing — I have a benq monitor and have been trying to get this fixed for weeks! I have tried everything…. After more experimenting, I deleted the Overrides-XXX folder, restarted the machine again and then it magically picked up my monitor and the sharpness was back to normal. I was also fiddling with my monitor settings hardware , not sure if that helped too.

Anyway, might help to someone in similar situation. And latest MacOs on MacMini. Run the script. Thank you, you are genius! I have exactly the same problem and when I tried to follow the step I was kinda stuck even on the first step, where do u actually download the script? After connecting the colors looked awful and fonts looked liked they were made with LEGO bricks.

Once again two thumbs up! Could someone please post the script in the comments here?

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Hmm, looks like the forum hosting the script is down. So now, without having to rewrite anything, I have my dual monitors up and running and looking sweet! Worked for me, might work for you too! This setup worked with As soon as I upgraded to I downloaded all 3 scrips, even the alternative. I put the Ruby file in my home folder, run the script, create the new folder with the new text file with I name DisplayProductID-a, restart my computer and nothing. Very frustrating when this display worked perfectly with an older MBP non-Retina, The patch-edid Ruby script worked perfectly for me and my dual Dell monitors.

The problem affected only the monitor connected via HDMI. Does anyone know how to force RGB on an iMac. I have an HP DreamColor Monitor, but unlike a laptop, I can not seem to shut off the main monitor to the iMac for the override to work. Thanks again Andrew! Found the directory created by the script under Mavericks and, after a couple of tries, got it moved into the Overrides subdirectory.

Got my nice resolution back. Also I have the same problem. Applying the patch nothing has changed …. Today I try with the modified version. Nobody here seems to have success here beyond dedicated PC monitors. I stupidly came on here thought I knew what I was doing. So I copied that long ass command this into terminal and pressed enter. Now my second monitor is really laggy and grainy. Is there a reverse command so I can get it back to normal? Just updated to newly released Yosemite.. Upgrading to OSX Yosemite caused my display to revert back. Tried running the script again and it does not create and override file.

Any idea what to do? I have the same trouble after upgrading to OS X Yosemite. Can anyone give me some advice which script to run and how to do it under Yosemite? I hope this will be the case with all other your monitors in the near future. For Mavericks this worked perfectly right away. Any ideas? Got it to work the third time. To start over each time, I replaced the Overrides folder with my back up, and started the entire process over again.

Finally, by the third try, it worked. Most likely user-error. I had the blurry font problem, and this script fixed it instantly. Ran patch-edid. Patch was working fine until the yosemite update. Tried process again and did not work. Any ideas as to what I can do? Screen looks terrible. Not crisp at all. Re-ran the Ruby script the improved version that correctly names the display , put the folder into the right folder as instructed, rebooted and… it work like charm. I really find it quite embarrassing for Apple that you have to jump through so many hoops to get things up and running but at least it is working as expected.

Installed Yosemite. I got some more problems with the UPQ: Every couple of computer starts, once I get the login screen displayed, only half the screen shows a picture the right hand side , with the left half being black. After login, I get the full picture. The second issue is even more annoying: If I power off the device while my PC is still running, then power it back on, I will never get a picture again.

Neither will switching to another input then back, nor will unplugging the displayport cable from the machine, or putting the machine to sleep and returning it back from sleep. The only way to get the picture back is to shut down the shut down the machine completely, then boot it up again. Is this supposed to happen or is something wrong with my display?

Got my UPQ today, but instead of being happy, I'm frustrated. The latest intel GFX drivers allow me to create an extended display that combines the two displays that windows detects, but only in a way where the left side of the two is actually on the right part of the screen, and switching the two reboots the box. Any ideas on how to make the display act like one 4K display instead of two lower res displays? Also, when the display was configured for DP 1. I did a search on the net and I found the site of Energystar that classifies the u monitor as a tn panel technology!

I need a ips panel, and U is an IPS! Why my model is a U t?

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    Dell U Won't power up. Which Revision of U from Dell India? UM XP driver. U A03 certainly not in the UK! Ship direct from DELL. Well guess what, that is what I did here in the UK.. And guess what version I received So can some one please explain what the A03 version does that the A02 version does not ET monitor. Dell U Problems encountered so far