How to increase internet speed by changing mac address

You can find this information in several ways:. Press Enter. In namebench, type in your current nameserver, then click Start. In a few minutes, a new browser page will open with your benchmarking results: The recommended primary, secondary, and tertiary DNS servers to get a faster internet connection speed than the one you're currently using. You'll see a list of tested DNS servers and how long they took to load web pages.

Write down the numbers for your recommended servers.

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If you have multiple devices or friends and family who will be connecting to your network, you should make the change on your router. Head over to your router's administration page usually something like Download it and double-click the executable file to run the benchmark. At the very bottom, click the Build Nameserver Custom List option.

How To Increase Your Internet Speed with Open DNS

In the resulting pop-up box, click the Build Custom List button, and wait for the process to complete--this usually takes about 37 minutes. When the list is complete, click the Run Benchmark button on the Nameservers tab. When the benchmark completes its work, it will present the results automatically, sorted by response time. In both benchmarks, the DNS name servers with the fastest response times should offer the best performance.

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Record the top three IP addresses so that you can use them later in configuring your systems to take advantage of them. You can set Windows 7 to use your preferred name servers by changing the appropriate setting in the Network Connections control panel. A window will open with a list of network adapters installed on the system.

The DNS settings must be configured on all of the system's active network connections. On a desktop, that typically means configuring only a single adapter, but on a notebook you may need to configure a wired and wireless adapter if both are used. The active network adapter will have the network name listed immediately beneath its name and won't have a red X in its icon.

Want to Know How to Double Your Internet Speed for Free?

Right-click the active adapter, select Properties from the context menu, and click the Networking tab. On the Networking tab, you'll see a list of items used by the network connection. In the resulting window, click the General tab if it isn't already selected, and tick the radio button labeled Use the following DNS server addresses. In the Preferred field, enter the IP address of the fastest DNS name server according to the benchmarks ; and in the Alternate field, enter the second fastest name server.

Click OK in that window and OK again in the network properties window.

Then close the list of network connection and restart your system. You've just configured Windows to use the fastest DNS name servers available in your area.

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To have all of the systems connected to the Internet via your broadband router use the same domain name servers, enter their IP addresses in the router's network address server settings. Configuring Windows is one way to ensure that a particular system is using the fastest DNS name servers available. George George 1 1. My guess is they've locked it down so that they filter the traffic that comes from a mac address that shouldnt be on that switch port.

This is a very common network security practice.

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  • They used to not lock the MAC address to the port, now they do. David Schwartz David Schwartz Related 1. Hot Network Questions. Server Fault works best with JavaScript enabled.