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Gaika in 3 Records Benji B. Benji explores future beats from around the world. Last on. Sun 16 Sep BBC Radio 1Xtra. More episodes Previous. Lucien Clarke in 3 Records. Theophilus London In 3 Records. Music Played. Add music you love and enjoy it with My Tracks. Octavian Revenge. Mac Miller Hurt Feelings. Mac Miller We feat. Mac Miller Dang feat.

Fatima Only Eglo. Kourosh Gole Yakh Now Again. Christian Rich Dripping Summers feat. Dizzee Rascal Money Right feat. The brain disease model of addiction isn't perfect and there's evidence to show that not only is it inaccurate, it may actually be damaging to those currently struggling with addiction. I understand that my wording can come off as ignorant. And for that I apologize. I'm just saying there are avenues to still enjoy your life outside of it.

At least we know he's always got music to make regardless. I think this next record will be his therapy. Not so much the festival songs from Devine Feminine. Ariana broke up with him for problems with his sobriety. A lot of people are speculating he's gonna spiral into a faces era again. This song sounds like he feels like he has to keep moving while suffocating and feels like his mortality is closing in on him which is a common feeling when you're deep in a gray feeling.

Mac Miller - Best Day Ever (2xLP - Gatefold + Download Card + Silkscreened D-Side)

I have so much love for Mac from growing up looking up to him. Ive said it before, but I dont think Mac will ever go back to Faces era Mac. He was so gone off of a concoction of drugs his friends even said they didnt even recognize him. Pretty much. During the Good AM interviews he said he still gets fucked up all the time, just that he got past his lean addiction and has had more control over his life. Every single addiction specialist in the country will tell you that.

My little brother never smoked cigarettes and gave me shit for it. He developed a heroin addiction without us noticing. When we found out he went to rehab and got better and came out. When I saw him after he was chainsmokin Newports. I tried to jokingly mock him for it because I had since quit. I am fine with him smoking cigarettes now and will never joke about it again.

Sometimes you have to pick your vices so they don't pick you. Yeah she said his struggle with sobriety has been an ongoing thing in their relationship and she tried to support him during it. He's expressed how much trouble he has staying sober so it looks like he's in a dark place right now. He has said stuff before like "I'm better now but I still get drunk don't get me wrong.

That never works for addicts. Yup but still, drinking is just implied, he said "I still get super fucked up I feel like I can relate that it's a very slippery slope, but it's not impossible. Some people can find a way to stay on top of it. Ay I'm not backing him up necessarily, obviously he didn't really go out of his way to change things from the ground up, so they work.

Other people here arguing their sky is not necessarily blue anymore, that's a shot analogy 'cause there's levels to it and different perspectives. Addiction is what it is, yes it often worsens, yet it still can be tamed. That balance is fucking hard though. I donno many people who have hit it without falling back into their bullshit. It's possible too. I used to smoke way too much weed, constantly drunk, wit a mix of other drugs. Now, I drink very rarely. I bought a 6 pack of rolling rock on my birthday and finished it only a few weeks ago.

My birthday was in September. I still smoke but it's controlled.

Mac Miller - Rain (Instrumental)

Only smoke after work unless I'm not working then I smoke a little during the day but usually only at night. There are times where it's fucking hard tho. I get the urge to drink but I usually sleep instead lol. I only smoke and take kratom at night now. I just view it as a really shitty, dirty drug now. It worked for me too except weed instead of liquor. Idk if I couldve ever gotten off of benzos and opiates if I didnt have the weed to calm the intensity of the withdrawals. Not saying it works for everyone but it does work for some.

I'm in Canada and my doc prescribed weed to me since im coming down from benzos. The withdrawal still sucks, but it's bearable. Without it I'd be up for 3 days straight. Unlimited money. Constant go time.

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Everyone loves you, building that momentum up. Nothing but "yes" people around you because they want in on it too or they just like hanging out with you. So incredibly dangerous. Iirc, mac in an interview said he was blowing all of his money on drugs. Now, he doesn't have much to show for it.

Vince Staples Talks Mac Miller: ‘The Good Ones Always Die’

It pains me to think he pulled a Scott storch. I dont fuck with Mac too much these days. Really, I enjoyed his first few tapes. They were so fresh and innocent and fun. I'm not saying I dislike his stuff after that, or that I talk bad about it.. Plus, he's white.

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We need white rappers to continue a genre that is wide and expansive, and different. Need rappers like him because that space is lacking, and it's rare to find a white rapper who isn't a flat out culture vulture or constantly harassing me about fucking my bitch. I really hope he pulls through. He has the talent. He tasted the fame. He has two feet in the front door.

Watching him perform on youtubetv at that rolling loud, he did a great performance.

Stay Flowing (mac miller she said instrumental) by Young Ra$cal | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Really cares about actually spitting his shit. He cares about his shit. That's respect. Hope he finds a permanent better place. Just a dude enjoying rapping talking about getting big bags of weed with his day one friends and trying to find hot girls, maybe going to the corner store for an OE. I've listened to every phase of MM and Faces still stands out as my favorite. It's rough listening to somebody going through that kind of struggle, but damn did it produce good music.

Well I mean he got that DUI after he crashed his G Class into a tree with his friends not too long ago, so I think we might be seeing some sad druggy Mac again. I can't find the tweet rn but she said he's dealing with sobriety and that made their relationship toxic.


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