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It turns out the logic board connector had bent pins so i carefully bent them back into place and wifi works flawlessly now thanks for both of your answers. I can't take the vent off and because of that can't remove the airport card! I hadn't checked the logic board pins, will try that next. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index.

MacBook Unibody A 13" aluminum unibody, 2. Valiera Rep: Macbook 13" A Mid I have a late macbook unibody aluminum and it would not let me connect to wifi because arport was not an option. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score 0. Make sure that the wireless card is turned on by clicking the AirPort icon on the menu and selecting the Turn AirPort On option.

Now select the BU If you are the guest of a member of the BU community, choose the network BU Guest unencrypted , instead, then open a web browser e. Type your BU login your BU email address without the bu.

Change color / look of AirPort menubar icon in Mac OS X Lion - Super User

If you see a certificate warning… When you connect to the wireless network with the BU If so, click on Show Certificate. You may now be prompted to enter your Mac username and password not your BU one to allow this trust to be saved. If so, do so and click OK. Going Further on the Web. Putting Yourself on the Web. Developing Your Presence on the Web. Using a.

Adding a device to your wireless network: Apple Mac OSX

Part III: Living the Digital Life. Creating and Editing Digital Images. Capturing Images for the Digital Lifestyle. Capturing Images Using a Digital Camera.

Downloading Images to Your Mac. Capturing Screen Images. Using iPhoto to Master Digital Images. Working with Preview. Listening to and Working with Music. Understanding Music on the Mac. Exploring iTunes. Listening to Audio CDs with iTunes. Customizing Music Playback. Making Your Music Mobile. Sharing iTunes Music on a Network. More Music. Making Digital Movie Magic with iMovie. Working with Digital Video.

Choosing and Using a DV Camcorder. Working with iMovie. Building a Basic Video Track. Adding Transitions. Adding Titles. Adding Special Effects.

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Using Sound in Your Movies. Distributing Your Movie.

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And DVD for All. Upgrading and Configuring QuickTime. Viewing QuickTime Movies. Creating a QuickTime Slideshow. Customizing Your QuickTime Movies. Taking QuickTime Further.

Airport Icon not showing up. No Airport card error

Using the Other i Applications. Working with iCal, iSync, and iChat. Managing Your Calendar with iCal. Synchronizing with iSync. Communicating with iChat AV. Part IV: Expanding Your System. Understanding Input and Output Technology. Understanding Interface Technology. Working with External Interfaces. Using Internal Interfaces. Working with Input Devices. Choosing an Input Device. Finding, Installing, and Configuring a Keyboard. Finding, Installing, and Configuring a Mouse.

Installing and Using an Ink Device. Finding, Installing, and Using Bluetooth Devices.

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Inputting More Better and Faster. Finding, Installing, and Using Output Devices. Working with Output Devices. Finding, Installing, and Using a Monitor. Finding, Installing, and Using Speakers. Finding, Installing, and Using Printers. Working with PDFs. Synchronizing Color Among Devices. Understanding and Using Data Storage Devices. Understanding Data Storage Options.

Choosing, Installing, and Using a Hard Drive. Using a Tape Drive. Working with Other Removable Media Drives. Installing and Configuring Connecting Devices. Finding and Installing an Ethernet Hub. Choosing a Modem. Part V: Living in a Networked World. Building and Using a Network. Designing a Network. Building a Network. Configuring the Services on a Network. Monitoring and Administering a Network. Sharing an Internet Connection.

Troubleshooting a Network Connection. Part VI: Protecting, Maintaining, and Repairing Your Mac. Maintaining and Protecting Your Mac. Maintaining Your Mac. Backing Up Your System. Securing Your Mac. Defending Your Mac from Net Attacks.