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And a whole lotta rendering fun: Actually, that's the philosophy AMD has adopted for high-end graphics in general.

Unbox and install of Ati Radeon HD 5870 Mac

But there's a problem. In the past, two chips on one board has been a recipe for double trouble, not double your fun. Multi-GPU technology in multi-card form has always been marginal in terms of stability and reliability; a somewhat worrisome fact for a single card that relies on multi-GPU performance scaling for its very existence. That board worked fairly well at first.

And drivers are absolutely crucial when it comes to any form of multi-GPU technology. At best, you'll get single-GPU performance. At worst, the game won't run at all.

ATI Radeon HD 4870 Mac Edition

The task for the new Radeon HD X2 is therefore clear. To be taken seriously it must expunge all hint of multi-GPU unreliability and deliver the sort of stability and ease of use that users expect from a single-chip graphics card. On paper, there are reasons to be optimistic.

Consequently, overall inter-GPU bandwidth has been boosted from 6. When that happens, a graphics card is forced to use the PCI Express bus to fetch data. And that means hideously slow frame rates. I thought the cards also had to have special firmware to deal with the fact that Apple uses EFI.

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And that Nvidia is now supporting its card s directly with their own drivers. Wouldn't this just be for mobile GPUs? It's in a macbook pro, after all, and despite the model numbers lining up usually the only difference in the "mobility" in front, but Apple don't seem to include that they are different GPUs. Apple wouldn't need to be concerned because it's not like anyone is going to install a mobile GPU in their desktop.

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Last edited by robrob on Thu Mar 24, 6: They will dress it up pretty so that it is ascetically hip, drop an i in front of the product name, and charge double what an identical PC component would cost. I've got a in a computer that I built out of other hackintosh-friendly parts. Quick question: One of my pet peeves with Apple is that the drivers do not keep up with updates to OpenGL, even though the cards are perfectly capable.

If they are adding support for "off-the-shelf" cards, I'm hoping this means support for vendor "off-the-shelf" drivers as well, which keep pace with OpenGL updates.

10.5.7 Delivers Support for ATI Radeon HD 4870 (Mac Pro)

Wow a computer that can use normal computer parts Apple is really onto something here! Yes; afaik Thunderbolt is just an external extension of the PCIe bus.

These cards would likely need external power just like current video cards, but it could really be a game changer for mobile graphics if someone can figure it out. Is it extra supported? Most potential xMac buyers who aren't already Mac Pro owners would be people who are both price sensitive and technical enough to build a Hackintosh, which is a combination Apple just isn't interested in.

Sapphire ATI Radeon HD X2 | TechRadar

It's a small potential market with a lot of negative impact on the rest of their product portfolio. The Radeon HD does somewhat better, allowing me to use a resolution of x for about the same performance. I like the colors better on the Radeon than the GeForce. They are more vivid, i.

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