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I've had a very similar issue with my MacBook Pro the E key randomly stops working and related issues to do with the specific key. This has happened twice to me now while using a common chat app not game navigation, just regular chat typing. Brian Steck briansteck. Is anyone having this issue after waking your MacBook up from sleep state while running a virtual machine program like VMware? Yeah whenever I try to wake it up while it's running Parellels the mouse and keyboard become unresponsive. It has progressed to the point where I don't even have to wake it up.

It will now just randomly not work. What did apple support say, Felix? Have you applied all of them?

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Chindogu Visual. First time, keyboard and trackpad suddenly stopped working. Now I was only in Photoshop and they stopped working, after a reboot everything works fine. Also how much free space do you have on your HD? Photoshop can be a hog. Sara Wedeman saraw1. Funny thing about that EFI update that purportedly solved the problem: Nav grewal grewal.

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I have same problem on my MacBook Pro 13". Keyboard and trackpad stop working after I put it into sleep mode. Anyone here who can suggest me that how could i fix it? My MacBook has the same problem! My battery had been swelling up so I sent the system to someone for battery change.

You'll need to talk with the folks who did the repair. As clearly they didn't replace the battery or forgot to reconnect the connections inside. It's the battery I had read a handful of times that this could be the issue Benjamin Fletcher. This happened with my MacBook Pro and I was told that there wasn't a problem with the ribbon cable. Sounds like your battery is swelled. Did you try putting it in a plastic bag squeezing out the air and putting it in the refrigerator for a few hours?

If the system worked just fine after you pulled it out and then failed thats a good sign the battery is swelled up. Vans Kiki. I removed the outer cover I've for my mac and all of a sudden the keyboard and the mousepad were responsive again. Good luck! LostTouch losttouch. I'm also having this issue! Issue occurs most frequently when I boot up with the charger plugged in. I am starting to suspect that this might be an issue with a swollen battery, but I lack the tools to remove the back cover.

Are there other signs apart from telling it physically that this might be an issue with a swollen battery? Anyone else that had this exact problem? Currently waiting for the pentalobe driver to arrive before I remove the back cover for physical inspection. I have the same MacBook and exactly the same problems. Can you tell what was the reason or how did you fix it? Deirdre Wray. Same issue! When I plug in an external mouse and keyboard it works. Most likely your battery is swelled so its pressing on the cable and keyboard. As I mentioned in a previous comment, I tried cooling the system to see if it was swelling battery, it was not.

That led me to purchasing a ribbon cable off Amazon. To replace the cable you need a 5 point pentalobe screwdriver to remove the back cover. The job took 10 minutes to complete. Its now been over a month and have had 0 issues. Manoj Kumar martian A few days ago my outlook had stopped working it wouldn't load. To fix that, I created a new outlook identify i. Within days of that I had started trouble with my mouse and keyboard freezing. It was never a hardware issue.

I wiped out my office installation and did a complete new install. I haven't had the keyboard and mouse issue since than. Ben Osude benlaw. As unbelievable as this may sound i had the same issue with my keyboard not working on my macbook pro. I was going crazy for days looking through the web for fixes. After going through a few posts about unplug cables and cables not seating properly. All i did to get my keyboard to work was press softly down with both hands on the keyboard the walla it works.

I then clean installed the last Mac OS and it was fixed. A few weeks later: Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Michael Rep: Power button is the only button that works. My macbook is currently OSX View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question?

Yes No. Voted Undo. Score I have just had the same problem. The All-New. The high performance electronics repair kit. Most Helpful Newest Oldest. Chosen Solution. Dan danj Rep: There are few possibilities here: Something was spilled into the keyboard and it took a bit of time to damage the connections. The last possibility is the battery has swelled pressing from under the keyboard causing it to fail.

Was this answer helpful? Score 9. I ran a diagnostic test on my mac and no hardware problems were found. Did you inspect the ribbon cable or test for the battery issue? Jim Blandford jimb Rep: Score 3. Jim, I'm curious: I am having the same problem! Same issue happening to me. I had it repaired three times for the same issue, before Apple replaced my laptop.

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I've had the new laptop for about two weeks, and it just happened again. Score 2. It's disheartening to look at all these other post withy he same issue! Haseeb Payab Rep: I hope the issue can get resolved. How'd this fix turn out for you? Emilly Calderon Rep: Score 1. Um, this worked. Matthew Ewer Rep: Mine seems to be having a similar problem.

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However, it comes and goes randomly whenever. This works on my mbp 13 retina just now, it's wierd though. It randomly started doing it I haven't dropped it or spilled water etc It's a connection problem under the keyboard You need to change this one "Trackpad Cable, Flex" ref. Apple I have not paid for this because the mac is still under warranty 2 years. Criss Rep: I tabbed out and back in. Character stopped moving but at the cost of E button not working. Score 0. I have a late 15" retina MBP if that could be useful. For now try an USB keyboard.

Apple support walked me through the following articles: Hopefully this will help someone else.

Most common Mac freeze reasons and fixes

Brian Steck briansteck Rep: Chindogu Visual Rep: Sara Wedeman saraw1 Rep: How do I find my internal keyboard on a Macbook Pro. Nav grewal grewal Rep: For now you could try using a USB keyboard and mouse to regain control of your system. Benjamin Fletcher Rep: They just restarted the MacBook a few times and did a "cold start? Please help me. Your other possibility here is the keyboard needs replacing as something was spilled in it. Vans Kiki Rep: LostTouch losttouch Rep: Keyboard and trackpad is only unresponsive during the boot up. Problem usually resolves when I force boot off and leave the mac for minutes.

Currently waiting for the pentalobe driver to arrive before I remove the back cover for physical inspection Thanks for your help! I'm currently having the same problems as you do. Did you change the batteries or by any chance, fix the problems? How did you resolve it? Resetting an app to default settings and cleaning up its cache can help if you're sure you really need the app and you can't afford to simply remove it.

Also, don't forget to check for app's updates, there's a change your problems sprout from an outdated version. When an app freezes, which becomes obvious when an application is unresponsive in the middle of something, or you are shown the spinning beachball of despair, you can Force Quit either in the app, from the dock or main menu.

A cluttered desktop can seriously slow down your Mac, and can also cause many problems. That is because every icon on your desktop is an image, not just a link, and it's redrawn each time you start your Mac. To clean up your desktop, and organize icons and files, try to use Declutter. What this app does it groups all the files on your desktop into categories by type or by any other principle you specify and thus relieves your Mac from the need to draw image-icons each time.

This is usually when an app has been running without you realizing it. If your Mac freezes on startup than it's probably one of the startup items, apps that launch when your Mac turns on. You'll need to check on them and remove the extras.

Why did my internal keyboard and mouse suddenly stopped working?

How to stop programs from running at startup on Mac: This way you'll escape weird crashes that render your Mac frozen. How many are too many? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer; but once your Mac seems to struggle running simple tasks, or slows down when you've got multiple tabs or apps open, it's an indication that it is struggling to cope. How to check what apps are running on your Mac right now?

Open Activity monitor and take a look at the list of apps. You can switch between CPU and memory tabs to view each. Those that are the heaviest could cause the problem, so if you're sure you know what that app is, you can quit it. How to close apps on Mac: This will force quit the app. Resort to this only if your app is entirely unresponsive, otherwise use the menu in the top bar with the app's name, next to the apple icon.

In the same way you can manage processes on Mac. Rows without icons are processes. There are system ones and user-generated processes. Don't rush to quit any process before reading a little about it on Google. It might be important. An overloaded drive can be the reason your Mac fails to work properly and freezes or nearly-freezes. If there's not too many GB left on the free side of your disk, time to clean up. It's cleaning module is everything you want from a good app: If you take a few moments to carefully clean up Large and Old files, you'll be gigabytes and gigabytes out, you can't imagine how much garbage hangs in there.

From personal experience, it takes about half a year to clutter a Mac with random stuff. Gemini — removes duplicated images and similar photos. Dropshare — lets you quickly move files into the cloud. A rare case that can signal two things: There's a way you can check if the latter is the case without taking your Mac to a service store. Install iStat Menus and use its indicators to see if there's an ongoing problem with your drives or battery. Pay attention to the CPU temperature and battery life in particular. Another way to diagnose your Mac would be to run a specific hardware test administered by Apple itself.

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Put your Mac on a table or anything flat a soft bed would be a poor choice. When a Mac freezes, those solutions are reactive, and while you are going to be up and running again soon, you should think about fixes that will help you avoid crashes in the future. CleanMyMac is one way to cleanup an untidy Mac. Other apps worth installing from Setapp collection include iStat Menus we mentioned before, a handy app that will quickly identify what is absorbing so much CPU processing power and advise those applications are closed.

Unlike Activity Menu, iStat Menus providers users with even more useful data, and is available through Setapp, along with hundreds of other apps for Mac customers, all for one convenient price. Remember to pay attention to CPU temperature as a key potential indicator of an upcoming freeze. When it's too high, quit apps and processes that take too much of its power. That's about it on the matter of freezing Macs, we hope this article has been of help. Every app we mentioned is available on Setapp, an app collection by subscription.

More than a hundred ultra-useful tools for all kinds of Mac maintenance, lifestyle, and work tasks. Sign up to try it. How to Fix Frozen Mac Why does Mac keep freezing? Here are some of the main reasons Macs freeze most of the time. Main reasons your Mac is frozen Too many apps running this affects memory and cpu Too many background processes same App crashed there's a problem with a single app Sluggish browser too many tabs open Overworked email client too many attachments macOS loaded with system junk or needs an update Not enough free hard drive space Hardware problem with your disk or RAM diagnostics required Malware the ones that cause Macs to open multiple windows or draft emails, thus overloading the system How to fix a frozen Mac Let's start with a bit of obvious advice: First aid: How to unfreeze a Mac First, you need to bring your Mac back to life.

How to retrieve lost data after the freeze What if you resurrected your Mac and realized some of the files are missing? Now, let's make sure your Mac doesn't make a freeze into a habit. Most common Mac freeze reasons and fixes Freeze because of a specific app Apps may running in the background, freeze and crash. How to uninstall and app with CleanMyMac: Install CleanMyMac from Setapp and launch it. Find Uninstaller tab. Find the app in question.