Mac prep and prime fix plus review

C stores. It has a shelf life of 24 months and now the packaging has changed.

  • We put 13 makeup setting sprays through a 'full day' test, here's how they scored....
  • Mac’s Prep and Prime Matte Fix+ Spray!
  • MAC Fix + Spray aka MAC Prep & Prime Fix – Is it worth the hype??

How to use -Hold bottle 12 inches away from face and spray evenly. This way there is no mess to carry it around. Now, there are a different ways to use this product. I am quoting one by one. Method 1: This way it blends in and make the product really long lasting and it really refreshes my skin.

The base makeup applies smoothly this way and it helps in controlling shine on my face. Love this method the most.

M·A·C Cosmetics

Method 2: I spray it all over my face after I am done with my makeup. Method 3: I spray it all over my face before applying makeup. Method 4: Overall, it absorbs faster and hydrates the skin really well.


Makeup lasts longer! MACCosmetics — Are you listening? Have you tried this setting mist from MAC?

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I wish the Rose and Coconut ones were permanent. I still have half of this left so no point buying more. Lovely review hun xx. Great review! Its not avlb here…. But would love to test it during my next trip. Renji we think alike. I use my setting spray with the makeup makeup sponge too.

M.A.C Cosmetics Prep Plus Prime Fix+

N the eye shadow trick too, when I feel lazy to take out my Inglot Duraline. This review for me is perfectly timed renji..! I am getting engaged this month and am planning to do my own makeup.

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  • 10 a.m.—Here’s what my makeup looked like when I first sprayed it with the Mac Matte Fix+.

I was about to pick this up! Now i am happy of my choice. Congrats dearie!!! Sounds like a keeper. Your email address will not be published. By midday, I'm having to blot and reapply my base. If I forget, it's oil-slick city. As someone who has only been experiencing oily skin in the last two years big thanks to air-conditioning, pollution and hormones, you guys are great! Primers , foundations , skincare, you name it. My problem isn't that they haven't worked, it's that I like dewy makeup. I don't want my makeup to be an uncrackable matte, I want glowing, illuminated skin. Just without the 'why yes, I did just get out of the sauna' shiny slick of my forehead and chin.

I tried it first before makeup and sprayed it on my forehead and chin. As it dried, I could feel the mattifying effect. It didn't feel tight or dry, just like a nice satin. I applied foundation on top as usual and went about my day.

An Honest Review Of The Mac Fix+ Matte Setting Spray - HelloGiggles

At midday, I blotted my forehead, but there was hardly anything to blot see left. I actually couldn't deal. I dug the previous day's midday blotting paper out of the bin to compare see right. Come 3pm, I did start experiencing my usual oil slick, so I gave myself another quick blot and also did a top-up of the spray. It made the rest of my tired makeup look instantly fresher, but my oily sections were under control again.

It's like this product only seeks out the oil, and leaves every other section alone.