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Can someone pls help me..? I followed your instructions and changed the host file. I have windows vista. The serial number given doesn't work it says invalid key. I downloaded the trial version of PS C4 about a month ago.

Crackers Beat Adobe CS4 License Activation Using A Simple Novice Trick |

It tells me the following: Make sure the path and file name are correct. Hey I followed these instructions to the letter and got this message cannot create the C: Please, it's driving me mad! I followed these instructions, however i downloaded Photoshop CS4 directly from Adobe. When you initially start CS4 its going to ask if you want to do a trial version or if you have a serial number to activate.

It notified me that photoshop was going to contact the adobe servers to verify the serial. I unplugged the ethernet cable and hit enter. It still worked! Previously, I can't use my Adobe CS4 while internet is ON as it will update to the adobe server and I will receive a message like license key is invalid.

The next time I opened my CS4 it will prompted me a pop up window for activation. And now, it rocks! I have my internet connection ON and I no longer received the invalid license key notification. Hi, can you help out how the file should look like in full extension and a work path how to do it all?

I have WIN 7. I bought and paid for a legal copy of Ps. I've been on the line with Adobe and they're literally no help. When I purchased this it was on an XP machine. After a couple of years it died. When I tried to put it on my new Win7 64 machine it says it's not a valid. As I read your info it is just not clear what I should try in the local host area. This is what is there now: Do you have any suggestions? Can you provide the same step-by-step for a novice Mac user? Thanks for your assistance! Then add what you want to block.

Then save and exit. You should then be able to activate it all with no problem. Am I supposed to be able to activate with a current date and connected to the internet? I'm not able to I delete the cache. I got a pop-up error message saying to reinstall or call ADOBe for assistance, or something like that. I restart win7 and Dreamweaver won't run. I can see it's process still running in the TASK window, but it won't run. I reinstalled the whole macromediz CS3 package, ran the key gxnerator, and finished the install.

If you did not receive any errors during installation, then perform these steps in the order given. For an incomplete installation, follow the steps in knowledge-base document kb Windows or kb Mac OS. If you received errors during installation, and you've never been able to open your CS3 application, then the installation is incomplete. Move or delete the cache. Move the cache. You can delete this file, but if you do, you'll need to enter your serial number the next time you open your application.


I installed cs4 on multiple machines at different dates. Now I am getting calls, that they have all expired.

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  • How to Reactivate Photoshop CS4 If the License Is Expired for a Mac.
  • Crackers Beat Adobe CS4 License Activation Using A Simple Novice Trick.
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I put the date back and it seems to work again. But, I am thinking there is a Jan 20th bomb on all this. Anyone want to look into this? If you get "License Expired" message while starting one of previously cured CS4 Products, just replace amtlib. Any questions - Google Knows. Some web packages, like TopServer or StpServer may discard your changes in the hosts file, while adding or deleting virtual hosts.

Make sure to restore those changes befor starting Adobe. I've been doing everything I read about on this site, including these instructions, and it's not working. I have the edited hosts file, set date back, opened photoshop, deactivated, opened again and entered new serial, set date back to today. For entering a new serial I've been entering one of several from a list of 11 from code tempest. I wouldn't expect any of the numbers would make a difference since with a properly edited hosts file this should solve any registration problem.

Hello, Is this cache. How can I get rid of this license expired issue? I have heard on the grape-vine, that the host file does successfully work at stopping it calling home to activate, but that CS4 has a timer built in, so that if it hasnt called home successfully before a certain time, it will stop anyway. Has anyone else heard of this? Helo i used the fix, but in adobe ilustrator i cant find the file amtlib. What can i do? Thank God our universities give the knowledge to us to be able to reverse engineer and make these apps.

It opens then immediately shuts down when the ide comes up. Any thoughts? But photoshop version 64 did not work, but the version 32 worked perfectly in windows 7 x Uninstall cs4, and then check inside the programs files and delete anything left from adobe. This worked for me: Do you mean after done what you said and it will not expired after close photoshop and reopen it with the today date? In TextEdit, at the bottom of the document, hit return and paste in the following:. And how does one run a keygen on a Mac without having to resolve to running Windows on the same machine? I did exactly as above, didn't work.

Simple way to activate Adobe CS4 infamous activation permanently for Mac OS X

Delete all adobe applications. Change date back and it work. Started the process above again, with the same error when i open a adobe apps. Thanks for this, but after putting hte serial in Igot the same "License Expired" message. Where do I get a better serial? I tried but I still get the license has expired message. Is there something I need to do besides the list of 7?? I entered my password and TextEdit didnt pop up. It's asking me what to name the file and what extension to use. The extension available was ".

I'm on Windows 7. Thank YOU and keep up the good work! Additionally, the complete CS3 suit which is still installed on my computer require a new serial too. I just installed the cs4 cretive master suite for mac. Can anyone baby step me through how to get around the key problem? I tried using the firewall, but it hasnt worked and I dont speak enough computer to know my way around the terminal.

One of the things that I found myself getting into the habit of doing is opening Acrobat, going to the Help file and clicking the "Check for Updates" link. After it searches, I delete anything that shows up then click the Preferences button and remove the Automatically Check for Updates feature.

I also remove all the check marks in the box below, just because I'm paranoid I'm posting this from memory but it should make sense once you look at it. Problems with licence activation I can not seem to get it to work on the Mac It is clearly dependent on the date as I can easily set back the date on my computer and it will open but is there a long term fix I have already re installed and deleted the db cache ect After trying every other solution listed here with no luck, this one finally did the trick! Tnx a lot! Hey could you please delete this entry, it worked brilliantly.

I just dont want adobe blacklisting it. Thanks alot man, saved my ass totally. Steps 4 and 5 may not be necessary as it may messed up your filters and plugins. So, use steps 1 and 2, then use your firewall to block access to the adobe activation sites. Try this tool, might work fine. I have set all my programmes short-cuts to work to the 19th jan using Run as Date, placed all short-cut items onto the desktop and quick launch.

Thank for information John Betsson. However, if i do this, MSN messenger wont work. Any help for windows users? Can anyone please post the whole text edit that pops up, i accidently erased the whole text and maybe that is my issue? On Mac, has anyone allowed adobe updater to install updates to CS4 when running with a modified hosts file? Is it safe to do so, or will this cause the software to get disabled?

If anyone has tried it and it does shutout the software, does deactivating and reactivating restore operation? I have deleted the cache file and added all the lines in the "host file" But now i'm running into a problem. If you're on OS X When i type "sudo dscacheutil - flushcache" it says "sudo: To prior poster -- reboot you are on For everyone, here is how this fix works:. The lines like this one: The long list represents all the activation servers and this list points them all to this special address.

What's special about It is called the "loopback" address and means "my own machine": Since your own computer won't respond to this request it's not an activation server , the software assumes that the activation server is temporarily offline so it allows you to use the software in the meanwhile since it can't just lock you out when you have a valid serial just because the adobe server might be offline. Now, the sudo line to -flushcache tells OS X By clearing the cache, you 'force' the Mac to use the new address.

However OS X This is why you eventually expire. So, at this point, you need to deactivate. This is easy: Now you are back to a fresh install. Move the time forward to current time, restart the software, and re-enter the key. Now the process starts all over again. Of course the application is still running, BUT once you close it and try and open it again it says license expired still Can someone please tell me how to find and delete the cache folder if i havent got a PCD folder, i'm on Mac Or can someone aknowledge that the above fix does work for them when they quit and re-open because it isnt for me.

You're probably looking in the wrong folder for the cache db file. It's not in the regular Adobe Program Files directory, it's in the common files folder in the Program Files directory. But to get CS4 back to work normally is not necessary to back the system date, everything that needs to be done is:. This will eliminate the serial already used by CS4 2. I'm sorry but English is not my native language. I uninstalled cs4 master collection after I received the error "licence expired"; Now Im having a problem reinstalling software back on windows Vista system.

Do you have any suggestions for reinstallation; what are the dependency CS4 files that I need to remove to do a fresh install? It really is that easy. But deleting the file cache. Also, I do advise blocking the adobe servers, however you can also use Little Snitch if you are on a mac. It will tell you when a program is trying to connect to anything. Then you have the choice to let it proceed or not. Funny how the first poster seems to be insecure about being a windows user, claiming that the workaround was somehow exclusive to WINDOWS users. Nice try though Totally disconnected.

Airport off, no ethernet.

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That should do it, right? Still got the "license expired" message. I was truly baffled then But now the date bomb on the serials makes sense. Now my question is: Like this?: Install as normal, then go through the steps: Would this need to be done for each program? Would this just create another date bomb? I guess if it did I know the process for getting around it. Thank all that is good and holy I found this thread?

I thought I was done for. I run Vista and after making entries to the Hosts file the host file changes back in a few days, or maybe after a update how can I prevent this from happening? Rather than reverting all the way back to CS3, the quick fix is to simply roll back the date, launch CS4, then reset the date to current. I've been struggling trying to find a fix for CS4 which I rely on every day. The date fix takes 10 seconds, and works every time. So until I find a new Serial that has a new expiration date or no date at all I'll stick to this method So you have to reset the date each time you start up a CS4 program?

That would get old pretty fast, but if the alternative is CS3 then I'll take it for now. When i close down the program, i have to reset the time to open it. Is this going to be standard to run this program with this work around? Why would the keygen be sucessfull for me with Photoshop CS4 and not Illustrator?

I used the keygen for illustrator on another PC and it was sweet. Any ideas? Where is the link to download this??? I have ones for all CS4 programs except Illustrator Thank you in advance. If I block access to Adobe activation servers can I still get updates? Ive used the host crack for windows and all the adobe aoftware works fine, but at the same time my internet isn't workin like it used to. Certain websites won't work for me and i can't get online on other networks that i use outside of home.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a solution? How do i delete the hosts crack file? I've tried to delete it already but it says 'cannot create the C: Im using Vista, can anyone help? Look at this Video. Don't know if it works. It was just up loaded. You're really not that bright, are you? Why, oh why are you posting this link when it has nothing at all to do with this topic?

After deactivating and entering the serial, it was still giving me "Expired" when i set the clock forward. I was entering a temp serial. I searched and downloaded a perm serial after making sure my hosts are edited. This perm serial works perfectly. Now i don't have to reset the clock every time i use the apps. The answer is YES I tried entering a key, but now if I try to open a program it says 'Licensing for this product has expired'. The only way I know how to deactivate a product is by opening the product and going through the help tab, but I can't get the program open to do that.

Any suggestions on how to deactivate the product so I can try a different key??? The solution is this. Change the calendar date of your computer for example make it then open AI. It will open at least in my computer it did. Then open registration and deactivate AI. After deactivation enter new serial number. That's it! Hope it will solve your problem. I have the CS4 master collection, and I've ran into all the similiar problems as mentioned.

Here's what I did to fix it. On my laptop there is a switch, it turns off the outside world wireless switch and turns on the creative side while having adobe open, when it's time to restablish connection to the herd, Adobe gets closed and the switch, wireless gets turned back on. Hi I am having the license expired problem with CS4 and I am afraid I don't understand this editing the host file and setting date back to reactivate it.

I would soo appreciate it if someone could explain this to me super simply so I can use it again. Many thanks!!!! Hey guys, when turning time back to , all Adobe apps seize working. If I wanna use, I always have to turn back to How many times does the answer have to be given! Use a perm serial Where do you get a permanent serial? I'm running Vista and so far I can't find any serials at all. Did all those things and everything is working again exept flash does not like to load any more. Does anyone know what the problem can be?

I've having my "Host" file changed twice after a week. I don't understand what is happening but it's deleting the " Does someone has a solution? Hi, I cant get acrbat pro to work, it keeps asking for a serial number. The key gen that i used to install cs4 wont generate a proper number. All my other cs4 programs work though: I had earlier activated adobe by editing the host file. But now after a month it said that the license key used was invalid and asked me to obtain a new one by connecting to the internet.

I had the trial version installed. After the trial version had expired, I tried to install an Illustrator with a crack. But I can't install the program because no matter what serial number i introduce, it displays that the number is not valid and the process can no longer continue. What should i do?

I just spent an hour reading this forum and there are only two answers to any of the questions. Search google for "iserial". This is a program that will help you get all the serials for all the programs you need. Now that you have Iserial you will also need a progam called "littlesnitch". Now go to adobe. If you don't want to pay anything use a bit torrent site such as "mininova" to download the trial.

I repeat the trial. Now turn on littlesnitch, 2. Insert one of your keys. Now all programs work fine except in my case dreamweaver I get a message that says product has expired. Don't install Little Snitch just for this program. All LS will do is update your host files for you. Simply update your host files yourself and don't install a heavy overhead app. Thanks for the dll fix!! I tried all the other methods with no good result. Having done the delete cache,clock rewind,new serial no. Happy bunnie am i. Many thanks to all you guys for taking the time and trouble to post a geat workaround to the Adobe 20th january time bomb.

When i downloaded the adobe photoshop and flash cs4 from adobe. After that they pop up something that say, "A problem occurred while extracting some files. Check available space on your computer and the write privileges on the destinatation folder. Your hindered if you have more than one firewall So I followed the instructions above for editing the file on a mac and inserting the IP addresses and almost all of the suite of software works great.

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But I keep getting a serial nag screen for adobe acrobat pro 9. I see there's lots of stuff removed on this site with regards to it. Does anyone have a working solution with instructions? I mean, do I use a keygen in every single cs4 product? D I'd be really grateful if u helped me with this ,u know Please help, i have followed all the steps above, atleast the illustrator stopped telling me to contact the sys admin, but it shuts down immediately after start up. I had previously cracked it and it was working well before it started showing me the error message to restart my machine and contact adobe.

After downloading CS4, I was bugged by the licience expiration pop up, when I read the blogs on this site, I got a remedy: I blocked adobe Cs4 apps with windows firewall then I reset time back to , it worked sweet. For help installing etc. I'll help you if I can I already have a copy, just need to understand where to get a keygen and what changes I need to make then. What would we do without you and cracked Adobe!

I have a problem - I can load and run adobe cs4 but it keeps asking for a serial and i cant use one i typed in earlier so i have to regenerate one using your keygen. I've tried to edit the hosts file in vista but it won't let me save in either wordpad or notepad. Is this because it won't list it's file type? As i can't see there is a button for me to deactivate??? I found this video. Then It was taken down by adobe but the same person put it up again.

With a different name. But it's the same video. If you guys want the CS4 Master Collection without using torrents then this is for you. It shows how to keep it longer then the 30 days. But you need to read the description for instructions on how to get the CS4 Master Collection. It totally worked for ME! Re-installing the app may fix this problem". Was I not supposed to replace the. As a precaution I also blocked network zones on my Comodo firewall under host name.

I didn't put in a www or any IP address. Will this work - would I be better putting in IP addresses? I have an interesting problem that i can seem to bypass. I installed a pirated version of Cs4 Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop, and the next day i got a call from my internet provider saying that i had downloaded adobe cs4 programs and that adobe traced it back to my IP address.

So yeah that scared me a little, but i still need to use the programs for school. Which brings me to my question is there anyway to bypass the flexnet activation? When i reinstalled it after my internet provider told me to delete it i used comodo firewall to block its access to the internet. Elizabeth Mott has been a writer since Mott has extensive experience writing advertising copy for everything from kitchen appliances and financial services to education and tourism.

Skip to main content. Expired Serial Number 1. Interference from Pre-Release or Demo Software 1. Tips In some cases, customers who participated in beta testing or who evaluated pre-release versions of Adobe CS4 software have trouble installing the retail product and activating it with a valid serial number.

In these cases, traces of the test or evaluation software versions remain on the customers' computers, forcing them to use workarounds to get their products properly licensed and running. Most commonly, these customers must uninstall the retail version of the software and remove specific folders created by the installer, then reinstall the application.

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See Section 2 for this procedure. You can't reinstall a demonstration version of Adobe Photoshop CS4 after the day evaluation period ends. To turn a demo into a working, licensed copy, enter a valid purchased serial number. If neither resetting your system clock and entering a valid serial number nor reinstalling Photoshop CS4 resolves the "expired-license" problem with your copy of the program, contact Adobe Systems see Resources.

Warning Don't reset your computer clock to try to extend Adobe's day demonstration software periods. If you do, Adobe's licensing provisions will deactivate the demo regardless of how much time remains before it expires. References 3 Adobe Systems: Activation, Deactivation Adobe Installation and Licensing: Expiring Licenses Adobe Systems: Resources 3 Adobe Systems: Activation Error Codes Adobe Systems: Contact Adobe. About the Author Elizabeth Mott has been a writer since Accessed 19 February Mott, Elizabeth.