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It is an amazing piece of software that allows its users to accurately dictate reports, spreadsheets, emails, and other documentation using only their voice.

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The user interface is very intuitive, and it is relatively easy to use given the complexity of what it is trying to achieve. It comes with a pretty good tutorial but does not necessarily require you to re-train yourself on how you speak. The commands will help to make your dictations reasonably quickly.

Professional dictation software for Mac

The program also has a' quick reference sheet' of commands. It comes with Full-Text Control, for accurate voice-driven editing and command capabilities.

Dictation On Mac OS X • 01-07-2017

As exciting as this app sounds, sadly, it does not have a trial version. However, Nuance online store offers a day money back guarantee. So if it doesn't work, you are not stuck with it. Users who downloaded Dragon Dictate for Mac also downloaded: We are happy to recommend you programs like Dragon Dictate for Mac that other users liked. Software similar to Dragon Dictate for Mac:.

Mountain Lion Dictation versus Dragon Dictate | Macworld

User rating. Development Tools. Nuance Dragon Professional for Mac has got a very powerful as well as accurate speech recognition engine which will make your Mac smarter by letting it understand what you are saying. It works with the MacOS built-in Accessibility features and the AppleScript scripting integration for many Mac applications letting you to control them by using your voice only. It has also got a built-in compressive and versatile vocabulary in order to get your point across easily. In order to use Nuance Dragon Professional efficiently you 1 st have to train yourself how to speak.

Mountain Lion Dictation versus Dragon Dictate

Once the training process is done you need to learn all the terms recognized by Dragon to let you control various different applications. However, the overall reproduction and accuracy is generally very good. You can also customize Dragon Dictate with personal vocabulary and voice commands for specific tasks related to your work. A lot will depend on the kind of microphone you are using. Although it works with any microphone, the developer also provides its own when you purchase the full version. It does work with the Mac microphone very well, although it's subject to instability from time to time.

Dragon Dictate could increase your productivity significantly - its at least worth a try. I am disgusted with this product that I spent a bunch of money on. Apparently they just can't get it right on a MAC for some reason.

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Mi ssed words, botched simple phrases and quirky as heck. I had to uninstall it after spending too much money for it. Siri dictation works about just as well and is free. Dragon Dictate for Mac is horrible!!!!!!!

The Dragon Dictate method

It's so inaccurate and slow that it actually takes m e longer to dictate copy than to just type it myself. You constantly have to go back to what it's written to check not only spelling but that it used the correct words for that sentence e.

Dragon Dictate Publisher's Description

And to add insult to injury, when you think you've removed the application from your computer, the plug-ins are still there, popping up every time you click on a webpage, asking if you want to allow Dictate to work transcribe on that site. A real annoyance. The so-called User Manual of course has no information on how to correctly remove the app and its plug-ins, and Nuance's website has no support link to go to for help.

This app was horrible when it first came out and it still is.