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AutoRecover, a feature that is available in some Office applications, attempts to recover files automatically in the event of an application or system crash.

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It does this by periodically saving a copy of the file in the background. By default, AutoRecover saves a recovery file every 10 minutes. Do not use AutoRecover as a substitute for regularly saving your files by using AutoSave see below or by clicking Save. Saving your files frequently is the best way to preserve your work. You can set how frequently these AutoRecover files are saved. For example, if you set AutoRecover to save every 5 minutes, you may recover more information in the event of unexpected shutdown — such as from a power outage — than if it's set to save every 10 or 15 minutes.

When AutoSave is turned on AutoRecover files are rarely needed. For more information see: What is AutoSave? If you want to keep the recovered file, you should immediately save it before closing or editing it. The AutoRecovery folder is a hidden folder, so you probably won't see it if you just try to navigate to it in Finder.

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Use the Go To Folder tool and enter the full path to get around this. If you close a file and click Don't Save , the AutoRecover file will be deleted because Office assumes that everything is ok and the AutoRecover file isn't needed. Click Save. In the Save AutoRecover info box, enter how frequently you want the program to save documents. Check whether the update is already installed The error message indicates that you already have the update, and you do not have to apply it again.

Make sure that the update that you are trying to apply is not already installed. To do this, follow these steps: Open one of the Office for Mac applications, such as Word. On the Word menu, click About Word. Note the version of the software.

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The version number will be displayed underneath the application title. To close the window, click OK. Note the version of the update. If the software version in the "About Word" window is greater than the update version, the update has already been installed, and no additional action is required.

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  5. However, if the update version is greater than the software version, the update has not been installed. In this case, go to method 4. Method 4: To verify that the Microsoft Office folder is in the correct location, follow these steps: On the Go menu, click Applications. Look for the Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office folder. If one of these folders is in Applications, go to method 5. If the Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office folder is not in Applications, you must locate the folder, and then move it to Applications. Exit all running applications.

    On the File menu, click Find. In the search parameters, leave the boxes set to Kind and Any.

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    In the search window, type Office or Office , and then press Enter. Locate Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office in the search results, and then drag the folder to your desktop. Try to download and install the update. If the issue continues to occur, go to method 5. Method 5: Check whether the download file is in the correct language The language of the downloaded update file must match the language of your Office for Mac installation.

    Go to http: Check that the country setting at the top of the screen matches the language of your Office for Mac installation. Click Downloads to open the Downloads page. In the Office for Mac updates area, click the update version of the product that you want under Available Downloads. Click Download Now. If you have already installed the correct language version of the update file, or if the issue continues to occur, go to method 6.

    Method 6: If you have an upgrade version of the Office software, make sure that you have previous versions of Office for Mac to complete a reinstall. Also, any custom dictionaries or auto correct settings will be reverted to the default settings. To remove and reinstall Office for Mac: Drag Microsoft Office to the Trash.

    On the Go menu, click Home. Open Library. To display this folder, hold down Option while you click the Go menu. Open Preferences. Open Microsoft , and then open Office Drag the Microsoft Office settings. On the Apple menu, click Restart. Reinstall Office for Mac. To remove and reinstall Office for Mac Open Preferences , and then drag the Microsoft folder to the Trash. Reinstall Office for Mac If the issue continues to occur, go to method 7.

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    Method 7: Completely remove and reinstall Office for Mac You must manually remove all files for Office for Mac on your computer. For information about how to remove Office for Mac from your computer, follow the steps in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article for your version of the program. For Office for Mac: