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Just as when you enabled the first Terminal command, all of your Finder windows will briefly quit and then Finder will relaunch, this time displaying only the active directory in the title bar. Want news and tips from TekRevue delivered directly to your inbox? Sign up for the TekRevue Weekly Digest using the box below. Get tips, reviews, news, and giveaways reserved exclusively for subscribers. Filed Under: That's why there's Paste Escaped Text in Terminal — to add it when you know it's needed.

You're absolutely right, non-escaped is correct and I wasn't considering the variety of uses.

How to Locate File or Show File Path on Mac

If I didn't use bash for almost everything, I'd be complaining even more if it was pre-escaped! Thanks for the tip - I'd never noticed all those extra edit commands. Lri Lri Just curious, where do you use these paths? DanielBeck I don't ever drag proxy icons anywhere—I hate the way dragging from one window to another just takes so much time especially if you have to wait for them to receive focus, or when they overlap and you have to move them away before, etc.

Also, I usually do this to edit scripts somewhere, and run them from a command line with their absolute path.

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Andrew Turner Andrew Turner 1 5. Option-click has never worked for this on my machine. Did you mean Command-click?

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You're right. I'm fixing that right now. But I see you've covered that and more in your own answer. You don't actually need to press Option for that. You just need to press the mouse button for a moment before moving the pointer away from the proxy icon, then you can drag. Option then makes it a copy operation instead of destination-dependent copy, move or alias. If you want to open that path, just select the folder you want to open.

macos - How to tell full path of file on Mac? - Super User

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  • Search term. How do I get the path to common folders on my computer? Differences between platforms. Mac OS X: For OS X systems: The current user's home directory e. The current user's desktop e. The user application data folder e.

    Quickly Copy a File or Folder Path to the Clipboard in Mac OS X

    The "all users" application data folder e. The "My Music" folder 0xe: The "My Videos" folder 0x The "My Pictures" folder 0xa: Example of using the specialFolderPath function to write a file to disk using the URL keyword This code snippet puts the contents of a LiveCode field into a text file on the desktop of a Mac or Windows system, referring to the file by a file URL. Example of using the specialFolderPath function to delete a file from disk Below is an example of using the specialFolderPath function in conjunction with the delete file command to delete a file from the desktop of a Mac or Windows system when a stack is closed perhaps a temporary file that the stack created but no longer needs: References The original version of this lesson was based on the stack "How to work with Files" by Ken Ray.

    Supplemental materials: Setting toolTip and toolTipDelay Next: How can I get the path to the folder a stack file resides in?

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