How to make a column chart in excel 2008 mac

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Data can be entered without the headings I entered in row 1. Step 3 - Creating the chart - Note: When data has been entered and your cursor is immediately below the entered date, press the F11 key on the top row of your keyboard.

Adding Custom Error Bars in Excel | Statistics Workshop for Psychologists

Step 4 - Viewing the Charts Gallery - There are things that you probably wish to change about the chart. The new Office allows you to quickly make those changes. As soon as the chart is created click on the Charts tab immediately above the chart. From that tab you can scroll through each of the chart types and make a selection.

Working with Axes

Because the axis is overlaid on the chart area, sometimes you will not get the correct dropdown menu you will see the option to Format Chart Area instead. You can tell when the axis is selected because green dots will appear on the corners.

Excel for Mac: Getting Started with Charts

Then select Axis Options. Other options under the Axes button in the Axes group include reversing the order of the labels diplaying them left to right or right to left and showing the axis without the labels or tick marks. For example, you can specify the number of categories between tick marks. From the Scale tab, under Interval Between Labels you can change the scale from 1 to 2 and every other label will be shown.

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Change it to 5 and only 2 of the labels will be shown e. You can alter the appearance of tick types under the Ticks tab by choosing an option under Major tick mark type. It is also useful to know how to change the location of the axis labels.

High will move the axis labels above the plot area. If the axis is not at the bottom of the plot area e. In this example, because the axis is at the bottom of the plot area, Low and Next to Axis will be the same. Use your own discretion when experimenting with these features. Alignment will change the alignment of the labels and will also allow you to change the text direction horizontal, rotated, stacked.

As with the horizontal axis there is a dialogue box for modifying the vertical axis.

(Archives) Microsoft Excel 2007: Working with Chart Elements Mac

I have the same question Bob Jones AKA: CyberTaz Replied on September 21, It sounds to me like the answer to both of your questions may be that you need to create a Column Chart rather than a Bar Chart Bars plot horizontally, Columns plot vertically. In order to offer anything more definite we need to have a much fuller description of the data, how it's arranged, as well as a more complete understanding of what you're attempting to plot.

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