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Download Now. See discussion. Version 1. Similar Software. No similar apps have been recommended yet.

App Name. Smile Score. Suggest other similar software suggested. Current Version 1. Downloads 51, Version Downloads 21, License Updater. Date 06 Dec To leave a comment, you need to be logged in. Log in. Sign up. To start the journey with Opera. Run the downloaded file and perform installation. The Deluxe Edition includes both the base game and the Zero Hour expansion. View full description. CONS No multiplayer support Incompatible with original release versions Default zoom level is narrower than original to maintain performance Reported performance issues on devices meeting minimum specs.

Softonic review Advertisement. Plants vs. Zombies Use plants to defend your home from zombies. Universe Sandbox 2 The universe is in your hands again. Standard Verified Purchase. Warning - you can no longer play this game on Mac thanks to Apple's updated software to OS. Thanks Apple. Other than that Amazon's delivery was great! Got the product in one day - even delivered on Sunday! But still super bummed I can't play.

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Pretty much an entirely new story line and a different universe in this one, so if you're looking for GDI vs NOD action it isn't here. That being said, this is the best looking RTS I've seen, and the gameplay is good and the resource gathering mechanisms are rather simple i. One thing to note is that if you're like me and want to beat up on the computer in skirmish mode custom game configuration where you can take on between 1 and 7 computer controlled opponents it will slow down if you crank up the number of opponents and the skill level at which they play I'm on 2x2.

The one good thing that can be said about this is that while it does slow down in the heat of battle things keep moving fairly smoothly whereas with my PC version the game begins to stutter and get very frustrating. Command and Conquer: Fans of the series will enjoy the simular gameplay but you don't have to be a fan to enjoy Generals.

Command & Conquer: Generals Deluxe Edition for Mac on Sale for $5

The interface is slightly different but works out nicely. Instead of having every building option available to you at once, the options for each building become available when you click on them. Another nice change to Generals is the 3D environment. Being able to rotate the camera and zoom in and out is a nice feature to have, especially if your units go behind buildings and you hate the colored shadows that show up to let you know where they are.

There arn't any naval units so if you wanted to blast your enemies base away from off shore with Tomahawk missles, you'll have to keep dreaming. uses cookies.

Another thing they took away are the cinimatic live action movies for the storyline missions I've played a few of the storyline missions and they are pretty fun so far, however, it would have been nice if they had kept the live action movies. First off, the reason it should be called "Age Of Generals".


The older Command and Conquer games, for the PC, had a very unique gameplay type and interface that is hard to explain, while Generals is more like your average strategy game, such as Age Of Empires or Warcraft. Also, the money system has changed from the older games. Now, to the reviewing. I've played it for PC and it may turn out a bit different for the Mac, but it would probably only be visually different.

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Another new feature introduced in Command and Conquer: Generals; general abilities. Similar to the God Powers in Age of Mythology, each army has a different set of unique abilities; these abilities can upgrade or battle-harden units,give you new types of units, give you special super weapons, and special sneaky attacks like China's artillery strike or GLA's Ambush.

Here is 1 example of a General ability from each army: A Strike; Up to 3 A THunderbolt II fighters unload their air-to-ground missiles on a target area, devastating everything in that area. The Red Guard veteran ability gives all Red Guard units battle-hardeness, making all of those units produced start out with Veteran status.

The Anthrax Bomb ability lets you send an old bomber to drop an anthrax-filled bomb on a large target area every 4 minutes. The bom does virtually nothing to medium-to-heavy armoured units, but instantly destroys and infanry units. It also leaves behind some disease for awhile. Another new thing introduced is the Super weapons each side owns.

Multiple ones can be built and each fires the weapon in different amounts of time USA: The Ion cannon is a classic of the Command and COnquer series. It is a concentrated laser beam that does damage to a small area and you can move around.

C&C Generals: Zero Hour | macOS | NMac Ked

Takes 2 minutes to charge. A nuclear missile.

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  4. Thats all you need to know. Decimates everything in a large area and leaves behind a bit of radiation. Takes 5: The SCUD storm. Fires several anthrax-loaded SCUD missiles at a target area and does medium damage to structures, kills most armoured units and all infantry.

    Leaves behind anthrax for a long time. Takes 4 minutes to charge. Command and COnquer will be the greatest thing to happen to Mac gaming ever. You guys won't know whats about to hit you. Can't wait until April Peace out. The box states the requirements are a 1GHz processor. This is an overstatement of the requirements in my opinion. I had a Windows computer with a 1GHz processor and played the PC version and I do not see any difference in the game performances. Overall this was a solid RTS and a solid game. The missions are prettu fun but they can get repetative.

    The graphics are awsome and my low end eMAc 1.